About Us

Vicky Industries established in the year of 2012.We Are Manufacturer of Speedo Meter inner wire , Strand Wire, Sleeve. We are focused and committed for providing wire product outstanding quality with maximum performance. We have complete in-house manufacturing & testing facilities.Our monthly capacity is 6 lakh meters for Speedo meter wire and 10 lakh meters for strand wire and 100 Ton for Sleeve.From our different range of wire products, we cater to numerous industries. Since our success can only be measured by the success of our customers, we encourage, solicit and promote customer and vendor input for our improvement. Day by Day we are increasing our products and production capacity.We have all latest manufacturing technologies.We are supplying major OEMS.


Speedo meter wire

Strand wire 1.5 mm,2 mm,2.5 mm

Flexible Shaft 3.15 to 4 mm

Sleeve 5 mm to 7 mm